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       Anma Sanitaryware Company was founded in 1995, whose predecessor was united by Kanmen galvanized company and Huaersheng sanitaryware company. Anma sanitaryware Co. Ltd was re-established after attracting Hongkong capital and cooperating with Anma sanitaryware(Hongkong) Corp. Co. Ltd on the principle of our company¡¯s top management¡¯s strategic decision.

       Our company adopts advanced marketing models describing as separation of production and marketing. Anma sanitaryware (Hongkong) Corp. Co. Ltd is Anma brand¡¯s international marketing center, which is functioned as central control center with production development, gathering and evalution of international sanitaryware information, usage of world advanced marketing and management models, brand marketing and advising, and training and management.

       Anma sanitaryware Co. Ltd is located in Yuhuan named Capital of valve of China on Eastern south coastal area of Zhejiang Province, nearby the heart of China economic district --Yangtze River Delta region--Shanghai, connecting to the new economy hot spot--BOHAI ocean economy district, 3-5 hours driving to Ningbo or Shanghai port, two of which are the two of the biggest ports in China, one hour drving to Whenzhou or Huangyan airport, the distance to the new constructive Wenling Station of Yongtaiwen Railway is just 35 kilometers. In a word, our company has a convenient traffic system.

       The company¡¯s galvanized facility and sanitaryware facility covers sqm 40000 owning modernized wokshops and professinal automatic equipments. The number of employees is about ten hundred, and the number of the technicians and super managing personnel reachs a hundred. It becomes one of those enterprises which own its first class galvanized line, and crack specializing production and manufacturing production basement. Through years¡¯ hard-working in management, our company has been developing rapidly, the turnover has reached 100 million yuan. Thanks to better quality versus economy price, trendy pattern, reliable quality, our company has passed ISO9000 quality management system and CE certificate, and water rating certificate and so on. Our products are sold well to Europe, America, middle east and tens countries. And the products are confirmed and prized dy customers, it signs that Anma sanitaryware has stepped into the first class sanitaryware enterprise in China.

       ¡°Holding honesty career, creating double-win¡± is our managing motto. ¡°Making Chinese famous brand, aiming long run¡± becomes our brand conception. By outstanding products and perfect marketing network management system and qualified running model, our company is capable of supplying amiably, quickly, perfectly professional service. In order to service all terminal users, and improve the quality of people¡¯s modern life, we warmly hope all dealers join our company and creat a bright future with us.


About ANMA
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