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Bathroom renovation
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Bathroom renovation, how to do both to save money they achieve good results? So let us look at what can be what the province should not be provincial. 1, walls are not provincial wall Province: buried in the walls of the wires and pipes to reach the national standard to choose a good quality, wires do casing pipes to recommend the roof. Water walking on the ground: in case a problem easy to repair, the loss is also more serious! Will leak water into the downstairs, seriously affect the harmony of the neighborhood! Ceiling where pipes go: in case of leakage phenomenon, relatively easy to find. Because the water is characterized by the down stream, to timely detect leakage site, the demolition of the roof, repair more convenient, the loss is relatively small! 2, learn more about products: a variety of bath products great variety in price from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands, a huge difference, so you can find some non-professionals to help choose the economic, aesthetic, durable sanitary ware. Or to see more of their own to market more to find out, and then to buy for their own products. 3, the ground surface is not the Provincial Province: Human contact with the ground the longest, but generally not in direct contact with the wall, so I chose to pay attention to the quality of surface materials, the ground suggested take a good waterproof! Bathroom tiles can choose the brand products. The wall you can select the brand in general, because the ground is only one face, written for the surface there are four surfaces, so that savings may from time to small-oh. In addition, the tiles, waist line, and top-line can be according to your own needs to determine the province or not provinces, which are generally played a decorative role. 4, the switch does not provincial socket Province: Select switch, bought brand Alumni sockets can choose to ordinary brands. The reason is the use of high frequency switching, and the quality requirements are high, and the switch normally installed in prominent positions require excellent decorative effect also. The socket generally low frequency of use, plug in electric water heaters, etc. will not unplug the power is usually coupled with sockets are usually installed in the hidden location of the decorative is not very high demands. This one can also apply to the entire home renovation, due to the number of whole house switches generally only a few, while the number of outlets often have dozens This would greatly reduce costs. 
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